Cloud Native Log Agent/Aggregator

Collection, Transfer, Analysis, Alarm

Logging Operator, lightweight and high-performance

Quick Start User Guide

Advantages and Features

  • Scalable, Hot-swappable

    Configure different Source/Interceptor/Sink, to obtain the capabilities of transfer, filtering, parsing, segmentation, etc., and quickly develop plug-ins.

  • Strong Isolation

    Multi-Pipeline design reduces mutual interference and supports simultaneous sending of multiple different data sources.

  • Lightweight and High Performance

    Based on Golang, little resource occupation, powerful throughput performance. Satisfy needs of various scenarios.

  • Reliability

    Complete log observability. Support native Prometheus metrics, along with interceptors such as throughput limiting and back pressure.

  • Cloud Native

    Configuration center integrated with Kubernetes. Create CRD instances to collect container or node logs.

  • More than logs

    Data flow based on Source/Interceptor/Sink mode, can collect various observable events and provide more possibilities.


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Loggie is growing rapidly, full of possibilities

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Loggie depends on the configuration of each component you customize.

Please refer to system and pipeline configuration

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